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We are Florida-based design studio with a diverse project range, including, multi-family, boutique hotels, commercial and bespoke residential. We create special, all-encompassing, highly customized interiors, working closely with talented designers, architects, craftspeople and fabricators who value quality, authenticity and innovation as much as we do. We not only design thoughtful spaces, but effectively manage the design process from concept to completion.

"Each project is elegant, chic and most importantly comfortable and functional"





Claudia Lujàn who after working and studying years with other designers sought out to create her own vision. Based in Miami, she was able to infuse a wide variety of international styles and art into every design.   

Over the past fifteen years Claudia has focused on creating unique living spaces throughout South Florida, across the United States as well as internationally.  Claudia Luján Interiors, was launched with a focus on creating unique, timeless and functional spaces with a special attention to detail and quality.  In addition to private residences Claudia has worked with various building developers in crating model homes at prestigious buildings, Multi-family, commercial and Boutique hotel projects.

Her design is known for luxury, exclusiveness, sophistication and elegance in the world of Interior Decor and a variety of luxury services. 

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